English Department

Can Be Communicate Across Cultures and Worldwide
Teaching English as a Second Language is an important task that produces a number of powerful rewards. First, it is the feeling of pride that as a teacher you have made a difference in the life of a student. Second it is the contribution to be involved in this new world and in this way our students can be communicate across cultures and worldwide in the most used language.
Teaching English as a second language to these students is an honor and a privilege and we as educators share with all of those who strive to give student the tools they need to take on new enterprises and reach for their dreams.
This year some students came back from a year off and one of them was in Alaska and he told us his experience in that beautiful country and the English language was so important in his adventure.

“Last year, I decided I wanted to do something out of the ordinary so I applied for an exchange year in the US. When I first arrived to Juneau, Alaska, the place where I was gonna live for a whole year, I was very scared, but I when met my host family I calmed down and started enjoying this new adventure.
Without a doubt, English helped me a lot this past year; it was very important to talk to people, to ask for stuff and to make new friends. My level of English was pretty high when I got there so I’m very grateful for my English teacher that taught me how to speak this language, it would have been way harder without English as a tool.
To take an exchange year was, I think, the best decision I’ve taken in my life, it opened my mind, let me know a lot of new cool people, and made me realize that the world is a very big place, we’re just a very small part of it. I totally recommend it if you’re somebody that loves the adventure”.